Bag Ice Vending Units

Bag Ice Vending Units

C&R Refrigeration has brought to the Ice Man and the Ice Plants a product to compete against Ice Vending operations that make the ice on site and bag it.

Our bag ice vending units come in two sizes.  60 - 20lb bag capacity and 150 -20lb bag capacity.

Vending units are proven design with extensive testing.  Vend mechanisms can alert you when unit requires to be filled with bag ice.

Optional Water Vend:  As an option C&R can provide and install a complete R/0 water purification system. Most of the ice vending /water vending units on the market are NOT R/O.  Most are just purified water.  Our systems offer a superior product.

Water vending can generate $1000 to $4000 per month in vending sales at 75% profit.

Our Ice/Water vending units offer several things.

  1. Put your ice in close proximity to National Chain accounts that you cannot get into.
  2. Ability to compete with ice vending units that manufacture ice on site, BUT their manufacture cost is much higher than your cost at your fixed ice manufacturing plant.
  3. Generate higher sale price for 20lb bags of ice in high traffic areas like campgrounds, Fishing Marinas and other locations.


60 Bag unit- 8 x 8 x 10

1.5hp air cooled condensing 220/1phase/60 cycle

150 Bag Unit- 8 x 8 x 22 long

2hp air cooled condensing unit.  220/1phase /60 cycle.

Optional R/0 Water vending unit will fit in the same boxes above.