Remanufactured Tubular Ice Plants

Remanufactured 5 Ton / 24 hour Ice Maker

Remanufactured 5 Ton / 24 hour Ice Maker

Remanufactured 5 Ton / 24 hour Ice Maker

Remanufactured 5 Ton / 24 hour Tubular Ice Maker

Remanufactured 5 Ton / 24 hour Ice Maker

Remanufactured Tubular Ice Makers

C & R Refrigeration offers remanufactured tube ice plants. Tubular ice plants are ideal for packaged ice for sale to consumers, hotels, and restaurant use. These plants are available in 5 to 40 tons/24 hours.

C & R Refrigeration is the leader in offering remanufactured ice plants. With over 40 years experience, we offer a finished product with a warranty equal to that of a new ice maker.

Each machine is completely disassembled. The evaporator (where the ice is actually manufactured is checked to ensure the tubes and shell are in good condition.

All parts except the evaporator are replaced with new. This includes: new water cooled condenser, new control panel, new valves and pipe, new receiver, new water pump, new cutter motor and new frame.

The final product gives you a machine where all of the moving or wearing parts have been replaced with new. The machine is then test run in our shop for 72 hours and adjusted and prepared for shipment.

The warranty on our remanufactured machines is equal to that of a new ice maker.

Larger Machines: The procedure for remanufacturing larger machines varies slightly from above, but the same care and quality goes into each of these.

C & R can also furnish ice storage bins, ice bagging and closing machines and other ice handling equipment.

Offering used and rebuilt compressors (piston or screw-type), evaporative condensers, recirculators, high pressure receivers, oil separators, and evaporative coils, C & R stocks many brands to meet your needs.

Ice plants can be furnished for the seafood and package ice industry. Included are complete systems for ice manufacturing, storage and delivery of the final product.

C & R engineers can offer an efficient design of your plant using insulated panels. From small walk-in boxes to refrigerated warehouse facilities complete with warehouse racking system. Using ammonia or freon refrigeration systems.

Our full-time parts department, probably the largest of its kind in the world, even carries older, hard to find parts. Our customers receive same day shipping on parts when necessary.